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Swing Design

If all you have is a hammer, everything will look like a nail. Over the past few days I have spent adding features to my personal money management application, in particular a way to add account information to monitor you personal account balances. However, the task has highlighted my shortcomings when it comes to designing […]

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Arduino Prototyping

A year of so ago I came across the Arduino. A handsome looking programmable prototyping board. After which I discovered the world of Makers and Make Magazine. A bunch of geeks creating cool looking gadgets and robots. I love engineering and innovation, and creating stuff from scratch, and seeing all these people do it makes […]

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Java Overview

For a long time I figured that learning a programming language was easy. Learn how the new language does a few basic things. Variables Statements Loops Classes Objects Arrays etc. However, it turns out that these are classed as “traditional” language features. Each language however, comes with its own unique way of performing certain functions […]

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Software Books

I am an avid reader and collector of books. I find that a well written book provides more value to me than trawling across the internet looking for “free” information. A quote from Robert Kiyosaki regarding financial advice: The most expensive advice is free advice. The reason being, free advice can often be misleading or […]

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