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Version Control with Git

I am in the process of setting up my environment for my first personal software project. There are two tools that I am in the process of trying to understand, version control, and automated builds. In the past I have dabbled in Subversion, however the more I browsed around opensource projects the more Git had […]

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TDD: Test Driven Development

Today, for some unknown reason, I felt the urge to study Test Driven Development. I already have other subjects I need to get on with such as algorithms, learning more about the Java language, and refactoring. But there was a nagging sensation that was just begging me to focus on TDD today. On a side […]

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Java Overview

For a long time I figured that learning a programming language was easy. Learn how the new language does a few basic things. Variables Statements Loops Classes Objects Arrays etc. However, it turns out that these are classed as “traditional” language features. Each language however, comes with its own unique way of performing certain functions […]

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Computer Algorithms

I am currently working my way though various algorithm books, namely: Algorithms – 4th Ed. Sedgewick and Wayne. Introduction to Algorithms – 3rd Ed. Cormen et al. 9 Year old University of Surrey notes. The book by Sedgewick and Wayne is a very accessible book for people who are looking to learn about computer algorithms. […]

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Software Books

I am an avid reader and collector of books. I find that a well written book provides more value to me than trawling across the internet looking for “free” information. A quote from Robert Kiyosaki regarding financial advice: The most expensive advice is free advice. The reason being, free advice can often be misleading or […]

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Struggling Software Development

A short introduction. I’m Kho. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering and a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship. My full name (including qualifications) is alphabet soup. Mr Kho Minh Vi BEng Msc. You may think that I’m a highly skilled, successful, and knowledgeable person. The truth is, after all that education, I […]

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