Computer Algorithms

I am currently working my way though various algorithm books, namely:

  • Algorithms – 4th Ed. Sedgewick and Wayne.
  • Introduction to Algorithms – 3rd Ed. Cormen et al.
  • 9 Year old University of Surrey notes.

The book by Sedgewick and Wayne is a very accessible book for people who are looking to learn about computer algorithms. It is also supported by its own website – And if you have time, they also run Algorithm courses on

Introduction to Algorithms I have found to be a bit of technical beast. Very detailed, and often find myself over my head when picking out information.

My old notes from university, which I kept, just shows how much I didn’t pay attention in school. It is strange that I feel as though I am covering a lot of material for the first time, when in actual fact I should have come across them at university. Did I forget? Or did I not know them at all? It’s a wonder I graduated at all…

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