Arduino Prototyping


A year of so ago I came across the Arduino. A handsome looking programmable prototyping board. After which I discovered the world of Makers and Make Magazine. A bunch of geeks creating cool looking gadgets and robots. I love engineering and innovation, and creating stuff from scratch, and seeing all these people do it makes me heart race. I’ve caught the maker bug.

Problem is I have yet to even get my own little lab set up. I have an office, filled with books, tools, and lots of junk which I can’t find a way to categorize. I would love to have a little workshop, a few machinist’s tools, an electronics workstation with more components that you can shake a stick at.

But at the end of the day… who has the time? or the money? to spend all day tinkering… oh I love tinkering.

I really wish I was an inventor with a few cool inventions under my belt. The engineer in me is getting restless.

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