Divide and Conquer

Preliminary thoughts about how to build the irrigation system is to divide the system into several independent parts.

  • The power system – a solar powered system that uses a 12v rechargeable battery.
  • The water distribution system – a normally closed 12v solenoid valve that is opened for 5-10 mins each day.
  • The timing system – the system that keeps track of the time and operates the solenoid valve, monitors the system for errors, and reports back to the user.

By breaking the project up, we can then focus on each part independently from each other. Much like how you would create low coupling in a software applications. The benefit then is that each part can then be easily upgraded or modified without affecting other systems.


Another issue I am having with this project is that it does seem a little over the top. After all, the projected costs could be more than the cost of a simple hose-timer that is available for approximately £50. But that would circumvent the opportunity to play with solar power, and timer controlled solenoid val

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