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MVC: The Break Up

This week I had planned to start on a new feature for my pet project – the personal financial management application. A way to add and record account balances. Up until now I had not implemented any form of unit testing, or utilizing any form of test-driven development. I was quite excited to get started, […]

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Decoupling: Spring

Following on from my previous post Decoupling: Electronics vs. Software – I felt as though I was missing a crucial point. While reading a text on Spring and DI, it occurred to me that theoretically DI is fairly straightforward, but the resulting code is difficult to interpret, or is it? While it’s more difficult to […]

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Software Standardization

After writing my last post, it occurred to me that much of software development is like creating bespoke components. No component is the same between two proprietors. There is no standardization. A long time ago, this was also true of the manufacturing industry. Bolts nuts, and screws followed no standardized format. Before the micrometer was […]

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Pet Project: Money Management Application

I’ve been in the market now for awhile looking for a good application to help me stay on top of my spending. Having tried numerous applications I have decided that none of them really suit my purposes. This gave rise to the idea of creating my own – a sort of DIY money management application. […]

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