Musical Prodigy v0.1

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 19.59.24

Recently after seeing a movie about a female acapella group (Perfect Pitch) I thought wouldn’t it benefit the world if perfect pitch could be taught? My brain immediately went to work on the idea for an app that trains the user to learn perfect pitch.

Using what I learned so far in Swing I mocked-up a using interface. Eventually this will provide a simple testing app that plays a single note, and the user has to guess what the note is. This then returns the score. The user then trains themselves to distinguish between notes.

It works very much like a language flash card training application, but instead of learning words, you’ll be learning musical notes, chords, and eventually reproducing the sounds.

This is a very early version, and again, something I’ll be developing in my spare time over the next few years.

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