MySQL Revisited

I have previously experimented with MySQL on several occasions in the past, once during my days at university on the “Web Technologies” course, and again a few years ago while dabbling in PHP and MySQL. This time however, I have been studying it in the context of Java.

Thanks in part of Udemy’s courses I discovered a course on Java Swing and JDBC on heavy discount. This provided some insight on how to wire up a MySQL database to a swing application. But much of what I knew about MySQL I had long forgotten. So the last couple of days I worked through O’Reilly’s “Learning PHP, MySQL, and Javascript” … again. Mostly teasing out the important facts about MySQL and transferring that knowledge to my personal software wiki – which I use as a revision aide.

It’s surprising how much you forget in a short amount of time, and it really is a case of – if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. But I’ll hopefully be integrating MySQL into my MoneyJar project that will allow me to store past financial transactions in a MySQL database rather than as an XML document. This will give me the much needed practice and experience of integrating MySQL and Java.


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