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Crawl, Walk, Run.

I am an avid fan or productivity. When I learn something, it must be useful, it must be efficient, it must help me leverage either time or effort in some way. I love being able to get results for less effort and in less time. The problem is, when you are so use to running, […]

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Time to start Acceptance Testing

After returning to the Moneyjar web application after a long haitus, I was surprised to find the build would not compile. At all. The classpath was broken, and there were errors all over the place. So I thought it would be a good idea to fix it. That was my first mistake. I started rearranging […]

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Myers Briggs – Personality Test

I have recently introduced a few of my friends to the Carl Jung / Myers Briggs test and have seen some fairly insightful results. While not definitive I have found that it does help me to understand why people are the way they are, accept them for their qualities, and how best to manage them. […]

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