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Ducky Mini 60% Keyboard

It has arrived! My first mechanical keyboard. A Ducky Mini with Cherry MX Blue switches. Here is my initial impression. I miss my old keyboard already… Its not to say that this is a bad keyboard. It really isn’t. Its just that I have grown so accustomed to typing on my Logitech K811 keyboard that […]

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CRM for Job Hunting

Every now and then I come across some software or web application that I would love to blog about. A few weeks ago that was CodeSchool. Today I’m raving about JibberJobber. I’m not a fan of job hunting. It is time consuming and tedious work. More often than not it becomes a shopping list of […]

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Code School Review

Having no project to work my newly discovered JavaScript skills I decided to test my skills against Code School’s interactive examples. This was my first introduction to Code School and I was pleasantly surprised. My previous attempts at online courses left me feeling cold, and bored. It is painful to watch other people writing code […]

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Javascript Review

Having dabbled in JavaScript in the early 2000s I believed for a long time that JavaScript wasn’t a real programming language. By real, I mean in comparison to Python, Java, C/C++ etc. As far as I knew it was a thin language that merely existed to manipulate the DOM structure in web pages. JavaScript consistently […]

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