Ducky Mini 60% Keyboard


It has arrived! My first mechanical keyboard. A Ducky Mini with Cherry MX Blue switches. Here is my initial impression. I miss my old keyboard already…

Its not to say that this is a bad keyboard. It really isn’t. Its just that I have grown so accustomed to typing on my Logitech K811 keyboard that anything else just seems alien.


Here is a picture of the two keyboards side by side. The first big difference is the size and weight. With my Logitech I tend to move it around my desk, a lot. I didn’t realize how much I did this until I unconsciously try to move the Ducky Mini around. Usually I pick up the keyboard with my two little fingers and reposition the keyboard, only the ducky mini has a lot more heft to it and I can no longer lift it with my little fingers alone. This keyboard wants to stay where it is, unless I want to risk RSI in my little fingers.

I also keep forgetting that I no longer have arrow keys at the bottom left unlike the K811. I often find myself trying to navigate with arrow keys only to realize that they aren’t there anymore. My right little finger hunts around for awhile until I remember. This is the feature from my old keyboard that I am probably going to miss the most.

Can I type fast on the Ducky? Nope. But its my first mechanical keyboard and it will take some getting used to. But then that was how it was when I first received my K811. It took a few weeks to adjust from the Apple Keyboard, largely because the keys were smaller and closer together. This time there are no chiclet style keys at all!

In case you were wondering (which you probably wasn’t) I chose Cherry MX Blue switches. Which has a noticeable click when I depress the keys. Its a little weird to be honest. The feedback is noticeable and so is the noise. In fact, I am a little conscious that the people around me can hear me clacking away. Maybe I should have gone for MX Brown switches. I did buy some noise dampeners to reduce the noise from when I bottom out the keys which makes half the noise. So hopefully that will solve the problem and make the noise tolerable for those around me.

Also the layout is also a little different from my Logitech Keyboard. Being a mac user I’m used to the ‘@’ symbol being under the number 2 key. And the ‘#’ key being under the ‘3’ key. But this is a UK ISO layout. Also I have become so accustomed to the ‘command’ key being next to the space bar that I had to change them around the the Ducky Mini. Thankfully the keys can be repositioned as they key caps are removable and the modifier keys can be changed in the system preferences. Meaning a little less confusion for my poor brain.

Overall I am happy with it. And learning to really get the most out of this keyboard is a welcome challenge. I feel like I am consciously trying to touch type like a normal person already and I have noticed that I am sitting up straighter too – weird. Having written this post on the Ducky Mini I can feel it growing on me already.

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