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MoneyJar: Maven, PostgreSQL, & Heroku

A few days ago someone asked me if my MoneyJar application was available online to view. Unfortunately I hadn’t made it that far. All my development so far had been using MAMP to run a web development server locally on my desktop computer, until now. I knew that I wanted to learn to use Heroku […]

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This week I am learning: Adobe Illustrator

At school I was great at Art and Graphic Design. If memory serves, then I got an A in both subjects at GCSE. Sadly I didn’t keep up with it and have since shied away from anything that required creative talent. However, now that I have decided to pursue web and front-end development it became […]

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Raspberry Pi: Digital Signage

I recently ordered a Raspberry Pi model A+ for a solar powered irrigation project (motion activated cat deterrent with video capture). I cannot believe how small this unit is and how little power it consumes. And at £15 from Curry’s, how cheap it is either. While I have not yet got all the components together […]

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