This week I am learning: Adobe Illustrator


At school I was great at Art and Graphic Design. If memory serves, then I got an A in both subjects at GCSE. Sadly I didn’t keep up with it and have since shied away from anything that required creative talent.

However, now that I have decided to pursue web and front-end development it became apparent to me that have some basic illustrating skills is a clear bonus. Not only will I be able to design banners and promotional material, I could create brands, logos, and even mock-up entire user interfaces.

I have dabbled in Photoshop over the years, but I decided that I much prefer to use vector graphics. And considering the nature of the graphics that I would like to produce the best application for my needs is clearly Adobe Illustrator.

The problem is, it is a very expensive piece of software. However, it does offer a 30 day free-trial version that gives you time to learn how to use the platform and explore its many features.

The next problem is how to learn to use it. Adobe illustrator is a comprehensive and sophisticated application. To get the most out of my trial period professional guidance is necessary.

Re-introducing Lynda


Lynda is an online web tutorial website that teaches many web-based technologies. I had used it previously when figuring out how to create WordPress Plugins (what happened to that project anyway? – ahem).

It had been years since I last used Lynda, and fortunately they’ve forgotten me. This meant that I was able to subscribe to their 30 day free trial – again. Just enough time I believe to complete an Adobe Illustrator Tutorial  – Illustrator CC Essential Training.

I have spent a few days following along the tutorial, and surprised at all the things you can do with it. I’m also grateful for Lynda’s excellent tutorials. It has introduced me to features that I would never have been able to learn without their assistance.

Now the race is on to learn as much as I can before my 30 days are up. Wish me luck!

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