jbseekr: Live Demo on Heroku

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I have now pushed my project onto Heroku. It was much easier this time around, compared to my MoneyJar application. Probably because this is a mean stack application and not a Java/Spring-MVC one. Or maybe I am just more familiar with Heroku now.

In its current state it is only performing basic CRUD operations. However, it has allowed me to explore much of what Angular, Bootstrap, and Express has to offer.

You can find the project by visiting: http://jbseekr.khominhvi.com

(The application is a demo, and therefore I have configured it to be READ-ONLY.)

Also, the migration cause media uploads to break. This might be an opportunity to explore what Amazon S3 has to offer.

You can view the source code and run a local copy by cloning the git repository: http://github.com/khominhvi/jbseekr.git


I have learned:

  • two-way data binding
  • scope management
  • how controllers work
  • ng-repeat
  • $resources
  • basic directives
  • ui-router
  • services
  • views


I have learned:

  • The grid system
  • Glyphicons
  • Forms
  • Buttons


I have learned:

  • Middleware
  • Routing
  • Models
  • RESTful API
  • Mongoose


I have learned:

  • Basic CLI commands
  • Setup and initialisation
  • Data access and manipulation
    • CRUD Actions
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