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Divide and Conquer

Preliminary thoughts about how to build the irrigation system is to divide the system into several independent parts. The power system – a solar powered system that uses a 12v rechargeable battery. The water distribution system – a normally closed 12v solenoid valve that is opened for 5-10 mins each day. The timing system – […]

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DIY Fast Food IT

Working in a Chinese takeaway, we have an old school way of doing things. Pen and paper. Its fast, its cheap, its easy to use. However, lately we have been considering how information technology could help alleviate some of the short-comings that our antiquated system has. After a little fantasizing, day-dreaming, blue sky thinking … […]

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Arduino Prototyping

A year of so ago I came across the Arduino. A handsome looking programmable prototyping board. After which I discovered the world of Makers and Make Magazine. A bunch of geeks creating cool looking gadgets and robots. I love engineering and innovation, and creating stuff from scratch, and seeing all these people do it makes […]

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