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MoneyJar Updates – Saving user data…

Last week I spent some time finishing the income and expense features of the MoneyJar application. Much of the work was focused around working with Swing than it was programming the underlying model (which was a simple list containing entry data). The main interesting aspects of the implementation was working with ListSelectionListeners and finding a […]

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Musical Prodigy V0.1 – beta

Ok, so I spend the better part of the last couple of days knocking out the functionality of the Musical Prodigy application I am working on. Some interesting things about this application was that while using it I realized that placing the keys in Alphabetical order was actually problematic. The problem was that people could […]

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Musical Prodigy v0.1

Recently after seeing a movie about a female acapella group (Perfect Pitch) I thought wouldn’t it benefit the world if perfect pitch could be taught? My brain immediately went to work on the idea for an app that trains the user to learn perfect pitch. Using what I learned so far in Swing I mocked-up […]

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