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For live and up to date information about the current state of the project please visit my MoneyJar Trello board.

MoneyJar: Maven, PostgreSQL, & Heroku

A few days ago someone asked me if my MoneyJar application was available online to view. Unfortunately I hadn’t made it that far. All my development so far had been using MAMP to run a web development server locally on my desktop computer, until now. I knew that I wanted to learn to use Heroku […]

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Money Jar Project Summary

Here you will find a quick overview of what MoneyJar is, what problems it hopes to solve and the motivation behind it. Shown in an FAQ format, you will learn, what it is, why I started it, the plans I have for it, and what I hope to learn in the process. (more…)

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MoneyJar tools – The Breakup Part II

A few days ago I had a brainwave while trying to sleep. One of the problems I have been having with the development of the moneyjar application is that all of the tools I was building were not integrating in a nice way. The packages and classes were tightly coupled, and I had a hard […]

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